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Claim your identity on Hedera for the decentralized future.

Built on the Hashgraph, is the largest registry of web3 tokenized domains in the Hedera ecosystem. While we have started with naming services for your wallets, we aim to do so much more. Grab your personalized, NFT-backed, name now.

One name for all of your Hedera account IDs.

Your digital identity, across the Hedera ecosystem.

Open registry on the Hedera network with the power of HCS.

Promotional Pricing during
October 2023

 1-5 Characters6+ Characters
Each Year$25$10

All renewals and new purchases will be paid for in $HBAR


Community Promotions

Launch of community promotions such as voting on new TLS names, meme contests, and community roundtables for helping to architect the future of Join our Discord here.

Performance Improvements

Backend Improvements for increasing speed of throughput, searchability, and viewing existing metadata on domains.

NFT Marketplace Integrations

Place your name on a marketplace with full support of all the functions and future features.

Ecosystem Wallet Integrations compatibility with all popular Hedera (and more!) wallets.


An API wrapper with integrations with the resolution SDK in order to increase throughput.


A full UI/UX work up of the dashboard, integrations across the Hedera ecosystem including Hashport, Axiom, and Arkhia as well as release of open source libraries for building out custom uses for your names. We will also be re-vamping aspects of the system and its functionality for alignment with HIP-791.

Q1 2024
Bridging Integrations

Move or Clone your Name into registries on other chains with Hedera acting as the legislation and governance chain.

Q1 2024
Enhanced Name Portability

Further ecosystem integrations and transactional handlers for viewing & managing your NFTs.

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Responsive dashboard allows you to access valuable insight and manage site settings.

Our tools can help you generate any kind of content from product descriptions to blog posts.

Securely process credit card, debit card, or other electronic payment methods by using PayPal.

Export generated copy as plain text, PDF, Word or HTML easily and automatically integrate.

Access to Support Tickets from your dashboard and update the entire platform with one click.



We currently support the following top level domains (TLDs): .hbar, .boo, and .cream.

Hashgraph Name is integrated with HashConnect, so you will be able to purchase your name with your HashPack wallet.

Please check the current pricing table in the above section. Click here to the Pricing section.

We are working with other providers in the space to deliver a system that will allow any amount of name providers to mint the same TLD, without worries of duplication. This system also allows for easy querying and resolution, so wallets/dApps can easily know who owns what name.

Because we are building the infrastructure to allow multiple domain providers to mint the same TLD, as well as any wallet/dApp to resolve these names easily. The difference come down to features, ease of use and future roadmap. We believe this protocol is a public good and should be owned by it users. That is why we have a roadmap of dao-ifying our service and creating a self-sustaining treasury. We are also making sure that the user experience is the absolute best when registering, editing and extending your name.

In the checkout process, you are able to select how many year you want to register your name for. Theoretically, there is a limit to how many years you can register a name for. But that number is so large that you are able to buy a domain for more years than there are stars in the universe. The only constraint at that point would be the cost. Hope your wallet is big enough 😉

Yes, '.hbar' names are tradeable as NFTs. And wilI be listable on various Hedera NFT exchanges.

Hashes provide a fixed length identifier that can easily be passed around between contracts with fixed overhead and no issues passing around variable-length strings. This also means that any character could be usable as a name, even emojis. However, for our initial launch, we will restrict names to only alphanumeric characters.

The cost of doing this is the only limitation in place. We will reserve certain names specific to existing projects and figures in the Hedera ecosystem.

After your name expires, the name is released for registration by anyone, unless you decide to renew.

Yes. Eventually you can create whatever subdomains you wish and assign ownership of them to other people if you desire.

The registrar is structured such that names, once issued, cannot be revoked so long as an active registration is maintained.

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